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Court reporting students need more than just dictation to succeed - they need a court reporting school or program.  We're glad to put these dictations out there as a way to put in a little practice time, but if you're looking for more, make sure to check out the SimplySteno Speedbuilding Program.  

Total Structure - "I don't have to put my own speedbuilding schedule together like I did in court reporting school. Every minute is planned out.  Marc has picked out the court reporting drills, dictations, order, everything.  I just have to sit in the chair and follow along.  There's not a second of wasted time." 
Camille Connell

Daily lesson plans make the best use of your time.

Total Feedback - "I get to see my tests and errors along with Marc's notes.  I have a better idea about what to work on, because now I can see where I'm making my mistakes." 
Georgann McDonald

Students are tested on an average of 3 times a week, with graded tests sent back within the week.

Total Guidance - "I find the SimplySteno court reporting program to be proactive.  There's a theme for each day, and it always seems to address something I've dealt with.  I guess many issues are common, and Marc doesn't wait till they come up to talk about them." 
Maureen Hepper

We actually teach. Students are not left on their own to figure things out.

Total Support - "Marc doesn't just tell me to "practice more" when I'm having problems.  He gives me concrete things to do that target my writing/mental concerns." 
Betty Kaplan

Telling a student to "practice more" is not teaching. We tell you what to practice, how to practice, and what you should get out of it.

Total Access - "I know I can reach Marc whenever I need him. I'm pretty sure he doesn't sleep!" 
Carolyn Mulderig

I do sleep...but not much!


Total Relevance - "I don't need a degree from court reporting school. I just need to work on my writing speed. That's Marc's goal for me. I am not required to take courses that have no relevance to my court reporting goal. He puts the focus on the steno machine." 
Lois Parks

To be clear, SimplySteno is not a court reporting school. We won't teach you how to write on your steno machine. You learned that in Steno Theory. SimplySteno will help you write faster...and smarter. After spending many years teaching within the court reporting school system, I was very determined to get out of it. Most court reporting schools charge over $1000 a month. Most court reporting schools have a graduation rate lower than 8%. Most court reporting schools force students to take academics they don't need, just so the students will earn units and remain in good standing with financial aid (even though we all know the focus should be on the steno machine). SimplySteno is a speedbuilding course designed to improve your existing ability on the steno machine. Whether you're writing at 60 or 200, SimplySteno has something to offer steno machine writers.

If you've been researching court reporting online, you've seen there are many different court reporting programs and court reporting schools available to you. I encourage you think about what you need in a court reporting course, then ask questions. I'm certain you will discover that SimplySteno is not just another online court reporting program. We differ in many ways.

We will not present you with a certificate or degree at the end of our course. Is that your goal - to receive a certificate of completion or degree? Keep in mind that not one state requires you to get a degree in order to work as a court reporter, captioner or CART provider. Not one. The machine is the thing - writing fast and with accuracy. And that's our goal for you - to hone your skills and raise your value.

Some states do require steno machine writers to pass the RPR exam before being eligible to work as a court reporter. Be clear - anyone who is a member of the NCRA is eligible to take the RPR exam. You don't even have to be enrolled in a court reporting school, despite what many programs will tell you. And if your state requires the RPR license to work, you don't even need to join NCRA to take the exam (though I would strongly suggest joining).

SimplySteno was designed to get you to 225 2-voice and beyond. We'll make those "fast talkers" sound slow. Beyond your 2-voice, we'll work hard to get you up to 200 jury charge and 180 literary speeds.

As you look through our site, you will see that the SimplySteno court reporting program is not for everyone. It requires dedication, time and trust. We will hold up our end of the agreement - we only ask that you hold up yours. We don't want to see you wasting your money or time. Before going any further, make sure you're qualified to start our program by clicking here.

Students must be at a minimum writing speed of 60 words per minute to start our program, which means you must have taken court reporting theory before taking a program like SimplySteno. Repeat - this is NOT an entry-level program. This is a speedbuilding program designed to improve your skills on the steno machine. If you are looking for a theory program, we are proud to refer students to StarTran Theory! They teach a wonderful theory that emphasizes realtime writing from day 1.

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